Medically known as alopecia, hair loss can both happen to men and women, especially adults. However, the condition is more common in men than in women. Men with hair loss problems usually suffer from baldness, which can either be partial or complete. Women on the other hand don’t really suffer from baldness, but from thinned hair.

It is said that a person has hair loss issues when he or she is losing more than a hundred strands of hair a day. Hair loss usually attacks gradually, starting from thinning, which can eventually lead to baldness. It can occur in men as early as 20s but is more common to people aging 40 and above.

Causes and Factors

There are a lot of factors that can lead to hair loss conditions. Aging and heredity are just two of the common known causes. This goes to say that if you have a member in the family who is bald or who is suffering from hair loss problem; there is a high chance that you will suffer the same condition too at some point in your life. Another inevitable cause is aging.

As we grow older, our hair normally thins away. Other causes may also include stress, infection, abnormal testosterone level, hormone changes, crash diets, radiation, surgery, meds, and diseases. Speaking of diseases, here are the health conditions that are known to cause hair loss: tumor, infectious diseases, autoimmune conditions, and anemia.

What to Do

Some hair loss conditions are only temporary, such as those that are due to radiation therapy, childbirth, menopause, and certain types of surgery. If your hair loss problems are due to these factors, then you don’t have to worry about the treatment. All you have to do is to relax, stay healthy, and wait for the hair to grow back within a year.

For therapies and surgeries, the hair usually grows back in just six months. But if for the time being you are ashamed of your thinned hair, you can always wear hats or anything to hide your condition like wigs.

You can also get a great hairstylist who can make your hair look thick. Yes, there are actually hair styles that can hide your hair loss problem and trick the eye. So this is perhaps your best shot if you can’t afford a wig. But if you’re suffering from a permanent type of hair loss, better seek advice from the doctor for more effective medications.

When to Seek Treatment

Remember that the normal hair fall each day is 100 strands. So if you think you’re way past that, you should immediately seek treatment. It is very important to see a doctor as early as possible so that you can prevent the condition from getting worse. Hair loss can contribute to baldness if not treated or managed at its early stage. You should also live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy foods, and avoid stress.

For more knowledge above hair loss treatment, try searching some advanced hair loss treatments like transplant and certain products.

Stretch marks appear when you lose a great deal of weight. The skin has stretched already and losing significant weight won’t allow skin to shrink and get back to its original texture. You can see white, silver or red streaks on the skin which are rough when felt. Stretchmarks aren’t only brought by weight loss but by several causes. Determining the cause of stretchmarks will guide you on how to prevent them and find appropriate treatment to get rid of them.

Possible Causes of Stretch Marks

There’s no definite cause of stretchmarks. These are brought by several factors. Stretch marks can appear anywhere in the body. These majorly appear during pregnancy when the woman’s skin in the abdominal area stretch to accommodate the growing baby. Weight gain is more evident also during this stage and you can develop marks on your breasts, arms, neck, chest and thighs. Hormones and genetics play a big part, too in their development. It’s a reality that some women develop these marks due to their hormones and they got it from their parents. These causes can’t be controlled. Normal growth can also make the skin overstretched. During puberty, some people experience growth spurt and become tall in a short period of time. Leaving the skin without enough time to expand making it lose the elasticity wherein stretchmarks are the result.

Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks

If pregnancy is really the cause of those marks, you can’t totally prevent them since the abdominal area will normally become big. If you’re not pregnant, you can stay away from these marks by trying not to gain weight much and practice gradual weight loss. Eating nutritious foods, exercise and drinking lots of water will improve skin and support its elasticity. If hormones and genetics are the causes, there are oils you can apply on the skin to prevent stretchmarks from becoming more prominent. These can minimize their appearance to.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks

One of the best stretch mark cream you can use for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks is wheat germ oil. This oil comes naturally from wheat germ that contains lots of skin nourishers. Several users claimed that early stretch marks have been erased with its use. Solutions that contain vitamin C is effective when applied for these marks. Vitamin C is responsible for the production of collagen that composes the skin structure. When collagen production is stimulated, the skin can renew itself and can gradually make the marks disappear. Retinoids are effective solutions that increase collagen production and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You can find these in several preparations but they require prescription from your dermatologist. Alpha hydroxy acid products also work like retinoids that support collagen synthesis. Aside from it, the acid sloughs off the outer layer to improve the appearance of the marks.

With proper skin care directed toward stretch marks, you can effectively prevent their appearance and get them treated. Stretch marks only appear on the surface of the skin and by working on the part beneath them, you can minimize their appearance. At the first sign of stretchmarks, manage them right away to prevent them from becoming many.

Women are very particular with Cellulite. This is because cellulite really bothers them. They feel very fat if they have even a tiny amount of cellulite. This is why they hate it if they get cellulite during the summer because they cannot wear their bikinis. Some women also lose confidence in themselves even if they get a tiny bit of cellulite in their bodies. As such, they really endeavor to find ways to avoid getting this skin issue at all costs. They just don’t like it in their bodies and may of them often spare no expense in getting treatments to help deal with this unsightly skin condition. This includes getting cellulite treatments like mesotherapy.

What are cellulite?

Basically cellulite are mall fat deposites that form under the skin. Cellulite are not a sign of obesity. Everybody has some sort of fat in the body. If this fat forms under firm and thick skin like those found in the arms and chest, then no cellulite can build up. However if small fat deposits would build up under the skin of the legs, then cellulite will definitely form. Whenever there is cellulite and a person wants to remove them, that person needs to find a way to break down these fat deposits to make their skin look smooth, supple and sexy.

How are they usually treated?

Cellulite creams are the most popular way to treat the issue of cellulite. These creams contain methylxanthines that are known to break down fat deposits. Methylanthines would seep through the skin pores and break down fat deposits. In fact, because of the popularity, there are many people who use cellulite creams even if they do not have cellulite. This is because they use the creams to prevent the formation of cellulite in their bodies. For the most part, cellulite creams are believed to be effective in removing small amounts of cellulite.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a different way of dealing with cellulite. In mesotherapy, injections are made in the areas where cellulite is formed in order to introduce substances that will break down the fat deposits in the body. This treatment is done by doctors and the injected substances all depend on the person doing the treatment. Each skin treatment clinic and dermatologist have their own formula for breaking down fat deposits on the skin.

Is mesotherapy safe?

Since mesotherapy is implemented usually by a professional doctor, one can definitely be confident that the treatment is safe. It all depends on the fat burning products used. Some doctors and clinics would go with their own formulas while some would use medicines that are formulated for other medical issues aside from fat burning.

Is mesotherapy for everyone?

One cannot really give a concrete answer for this. This is because there is really no guaranteed end all and be all treatment for cellulite. For those who want to know more, they should consult with a dermatologist to see if they have available options in terms of mesotherapy treatments. It is always a good idea to talk with a doctor for all kinds of body issues.

Stretchmarks are bothersome skin problems that can appear anywhere in the skin. During pregnancy, these become more prominent on the belly, thighs and arms. Looking upon them makes you want them out at once. But how? There are several creams sold in the market that claim to reduce stretchmarks but several have been disappointed with them. Finding the effective and best treatment is necessary to avoid unnecessary costs and make stretchmarks disappear fast.

Treatments For Stretchmarks

1. Home Remedies – There are several solutions you can find at home that are effective in reducing the appearance of stretchmakrs. With home remedies, you make those stretchmarks disappear gradually. Total erasure, however, may require some time. These solutions are inexpensive and can be applied easily. One of these remedies is olive oil. You massage olive oil thrice a day everyday on the area of your skin with stretchmarks. Other effective remedies are by applying shea butter, aloe vera and cocoa butter.

2. Cosmetic Peels – For faster stretchmark removal, cosmetologist and dermatologist have used peeling to remove the outer skin surface, take those stretchmarks out leaving newer skin with less skin problem. Peeling can be done several times to fully make the stretchmarks disappear. It’s done little by little to avoid scarring and pain. The skin continues to renew and the oldest skin goes into the surface. Peeling removes a portion of this outer skin which strip away the stretchmarks that have formed. After peeling, always protect your skin from the sun because they’re prone to sunburn. You’ll be given antibiotics and sunscreen to protect your skin from infection and damage.

3. Vitamin C and E Supplements -Taking vitamins that are important in skin production can be of great help. Everyday, the skin cells grow into newer skin and as they grow, old dead skin cells just slough off without you noticing them. Taking supplements everyday can help in the healthy production of skin cells and repair damage that occurred in the skin. Taking Vitamins C and E and by drinking lots of water will help reduce stretchmarks.

4. Laser Therapy – Laser is the best therapy that can successfully make those stretchmarks go away. With laser therapy, the damaged skin is repaired, cells are stimulated to create newer and healthy skin and the surface of the skin is improved instantly. Laser therapy is only done by a professional and effect can even be seen after the therapy. Depending on the severity of stretchmarks, it requires a few sessions to totally erase them. It’s a noninvasive procedure and you can only feel a stinging sensation once the probe is directed to your skin.

Here are your treatment options that can best remove reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. You can choose which you can afford and available in your place. The best treatment for stretchmark may differ from one person to another. It’s suggested to find which one works for you and find effective relief with it.

Many men are really having trouble dealing with baldness and hair loss problems. The best and cheapest way to battle hair loss is do prevent it. Hair loss caused by heredity and aging can sometimes be hard to prevent though. But you can surely slow it down and put things under your control.

In order to prevent hair loss or manage it, you must maintain a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle. You should also avoid too much stress. Keeping yourself as healthy as possible is the surest key since there are diseases and infections that can actually cause hair loss. But there are also many products now designed to manage or treat hair loss problems.

However, you must only choose the ones approved by the Food and Drug Administration since they are the most effective and safest. Such medications and products can be really expensive though.

And due to the advancements in technology, science, medicine, and cosmetics, there are now new hair loss treatments that are way more advanced and effective than the previous available treatments.

  • Drugs

This is the easiest and perhaps the cheapest treatment. One of the best drugs for hair loss is still Propecia, according to AHLA. Though primarily designed for enlarged prostate glands, Propecia can really effectivelyslow hair loss and even regrow some new hair. For women, the best available treatment for hair loss is Minoxidil. In fact, it is the only drug for female hair loss that has been approved by the FDA. Studies show that the drugs are more effective in women compared to men.

  • Surgery

Hair restoration surgery is one of the best solutions to hair loss problems especially to those suffering from baldness. The surgery involves transplanting hair follicles on the bald area. The hairs that will be used are from the healthy hairs of the other parts of the body. However, when you choose transplant, make sure that you consult the experts. Check the credibility and the ability of the doctor who will be performing the procedure.

  • Follicle Regeneration

You might also want to try this recent breakthrough in hair loss treatment: the follicle regeneration. However, this is currently being developed yet. When this becomes successful, it will no doubt be a big breakthrough in medicine. It works by regenerating or bringing the dead hair follicles back to life. How cool-sounding is that?

  • Laser Combs

Laser combs are also currently being perfected by some researchers and experts. It has been found out that low-level laser therapy can help the hair grow back by stimulating the growth of follicle at the cellular level. This may be expensive, but it’s no doubt one of the best and the most advanced treatments for hair loss. Bald men will surely be happy about this.

There are still so many other theories and studies about hair loss treatments that are currently being developed. Once they’ve all been approved, maybe there will be no longer bald men and thin-haired women in the future.

There comes a time when women would have to battle or deal with wrinkles and cellulite. This is the time that some women would have to have some lumps or dimpled appearances on the thigh as well as below the butt area. Because of this unwanted appearances on the thighs, many women seem to look for great treatments to fix such issue. To be able to understand more about this condition, here are the many causes of cellulite:

  • Poor diet is definitely one of the main culprits why women suffer from having dimpled appearances on their thighs and the butt area. A person who has a poor diet that is composed of fatty foods, too much carbohydrates, less water, less vitamins and less protein is definitely going to have a problem. If a person eats a lot, then they also need to burn calories. Poor diet would result to having a lot of calories which could then result to having such flabs on the thighs and butt area.
  • Another reason why women have this unwanted dimpled appearances on their thighs and below the butt area is due to slow metabolism. There are just some people who have very slow metabolism which is why most of these women would definitely suffer from the dimpled appearances.
  • Dehydration is also one major cause of having such unwanted appearance so be sure to drink water. Make sure to have at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday or one might want to have about 6-8 liters of water daily depending on the activities that one have in a day.
  • Hormonal imbalance. This is also one of the causes for women to suffer from the unwanted dimpled appearances on the thighs and but area. This may be caused by taking pills or any other hormonal medicines or in case a person is really suffering from hormonal imbalance.
  • Another reason why people have cellulite is because most women these days no longer have time to do some physical activities. A lot of people no longer do exercises which is why many women have dimpled appearances. There are different types of exercises that could help women get rid of such appearance so what they need to do is find the perfect exercise routines to help them have a slimmer body.
  • Genetics also play an important role in having this unwanted dimpled appearance. If it is in one’s genes, then most likely, one is possible to inherit it. What one can do is look for the best ways to combat or treat such condition so you would feel comfortable showing your legs.

Here are just few of the many causes why women suffer from cellulite. If people think that they are also developing some unwanted appearance on the thighs and round the butt area, then what they need to do is find a solution which could help one get rid of the flab. It’s possible to also do one’s own research in finding out about the best treatments that could help combat the appearance of unwanted dimples on the thighs.