What’s The Best Treatment For Stretchmarks

Stretchmarks are bothersome skin problems that can appear anywhere in the skin. During pregnancy, these become more prominent on the belly, thighs and arms. Looking upon them makes you want them out at once. But how? There are several creams sold in the market that claim to reduce stretchmarks but several have been disappointed with them. Finding the effective and best treatment is necessary to avoid unnecessary costs and make stretchmarks disappear fast.

Treatments For Stretchmarks

1. Home Remedies – There are several solutions you can find at home that are effective in reducing the appearance of stretchmakrs. With home remedies, you make those stretchmarks disappear gradually. Total erasure, however, may require some time. These solutions are inexpensive and can be applied easily. One of these remedies is olive oil. You massage olive oil thrice a day everyday on the area of your skin with stretchmarks. Other effective remedies are by applying shea butter, aloe vera and cocoa butter.

2. Cosmetic Peels – For faster stretchmark removal, cosmetologist and dermatologist have used peeling to remove the outer skin surface, take those stretchmarks out leaving newer skin with less skin problem. Peeling can be done several times to fully make the stretchmarks disappear. It’s done little by little to avoid scarring and pain. The skin continues to renew and the oldest skin goes into the surface. Peeling removes a portion of this outer skin which strip away the stretchmarks that have formed. After peeling, always protect your skin from the sun because they’re prone to sunburn. You’ll be given antibiotics and sunscreen to protect your skin from infection and damage.

3. Vitamin C and E Supplements -Taking vitamins that are important in skin production can be of great help. Everyday, the skin cells grow into newer skin and as they grow, old dead skin cells just slough off without you noticing them. Taking supplements everyday can help in the healthy production of skin cells and repair damage that occurred in the skin. Taking Vitamins C and E and by drinking lots of water will help reduce stretchmarks.

4. Laser Therapy – Laser is the best therapy that can successfully make those stretchmarks go away. With laser therapy, the damaged skin is repaired, cells are stimulated to create newer and healthy skin and the surface of the skin is improved instantly. Laser therapy is only done by a professional and effect can even be seen after the therapy. Depending on the severity of stretchmarks, it requires a few sessions to totally erase them. It’s a noninvasive procedure and you can only feel a stinging sensation once the probe is directed to your skin.

Here are your treatment options that can best remove reduce the appearance of stretchmarks. You can choose which you can afford and available in your place. The best treatment for stretchmark may differ from one person to another. It’s suggested to find which one works for you and find effective relief with it.

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