Stretch Marks: Find Total Improvement For The Skin

Stretch marks appear when you lose a great deal of weight. The skin has stretched already and losing significant weight won’t allow skin to shrink and get back to its original texture. You can see white, silver or red streaks on the skin which are rough when felt. Stretchmarks aren’t only brought by weight loss but by several causes. Determining the cause of stretchmarks will guide you on how to prevent them and find appropriate treatment to get rid of them.

Possible Causes of Stretch Marks

There’s no definite cause of stretchmarks. These are brought by several factors. Stretch marks can appear anywhere in the body. These majorly appear during pregnancy when the woman’s skin in the abdominal area stretch to accommodate the growing baby. Weight gain is more evident also during this stage and you can develop marks on your breasts, arms, neck, chest and thighs. Hormones and genetics play a big part, too in their development. It’s a reality that some women develop these marks due to their hormones and they got it from their parents. These causes can’t be controlled. Normal growth can also make the skin overstretched. During puberty, some people experience growth spurt and become tall in a short period of time. Leaving the skin without enough time to expand making it lose the elasticity wherein stretchmarks are the result.

Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks

If pregnancy is really the cause of those marks, you can’t totally prevent them since the abdominal area will normally become big. If you’re not pregnant, you can stay away from these marks by trying not to gain weight much and practice gradual weight loss. Eating nutritious foods, exercise and drinking lots of water will improve skin and support its elasticity. If hormones and genetics are the causes, there are oils you can apply on the skin to prevent stretchmarks from becoming more prominent. These can minimize their appearance to.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks

One of the best stretch mark cream you can use for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks is wheat germ oil. This oil comes naturally from wheat germ that contains lots of skin nourishers. Several users claimed that early stretch marks have been erased with its use. Solutions that contain vitamin C is effective when applied for these marks. Vitamin C is responsible for the production of collagen that composes the skin structure. When collagen production is stimulated, the skin can renew itself and can gradually make the marks disappear. Retinoids are effective solutions that increase collagen production and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. You can find these in several preparations but they require prescription from your dermatologist. Alpha hydroxy acid products also work like retinoids that support collagen synthesis. Aside from it, the acid sloughs off the outer layer to improve the appearance of the marks.

With proper skin care directed toward stretch marks, you can effectively prevent their appearance and get them treated. Stretch marks only appear on the surface of the skin and by working on the part beneath them, you can minimize their appearance. At the first sign of stretchmarks, manage them right away to prevent them from becoming many.

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